Friday, December 16, 2011

By A Monkey On A Unicycle, J. P. Dancing Bear


it was a real see-do work environment: most of the time it was a zoo: we were already working for produce: evil walked the halls with impunity: but none of us joined its ranks:—it just wasn’t in our genetic code: we did what we were told: no question marks among us: we’d all been through the training: moved our tails in unison: a real family: one morning we found the office strewn with pink confetti: the single wheel impressions: in the carpeting: with feces: someone wrote on the wall: you’re terminated
About "By A Monkey On A Unicycle," J. P. Dancing Bear writes
I wrote this poem after recalling a boss a few employers ago use an old joke when referring to a fellow coworker who was laid-off, “he could be replaced by a monkey on a unicycle.” The coworker had been a good guy, worked hard, and didn’t deserve the disrespect. I realized that management will tell themselves a lie to justify and distance themselves from the destruction and disruption of their fellow humans’ lives. I’ve always remembered that manager because of it his attitude, and often I think of it during these times of lay-offs, downsizing and outsourcing while the top management gets a bonus at the end of the year. 

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